BEWARE: New Mobile OTP Fraud – Lakhs of Rupees Lost

by | Jan 16, 2019

Do you think your 2 step authentication is a good security for your Banking Information? Well, it could also be the sensitive information, if you let it open for fraudsters.


Fraudsters have now found a new way to cheat people. Many citizens lost lakhs of rupees. Here are the steps they follow to typically con you or your family members:

  • Imposter Call:

An imposter, posing as a Bank Employee Calls you.



  • Offers New Credit/Debit Card:

         The imposter informs professionally, that your card has been offered with a new offer.        Insists offer valid only on new card issuance.

  • Card Details:

Says, he can apply for the new card, if you wish to. He also asks for your current card information – Card Number, Name, CVV code and Expiration Date.


  • Malware SMS:

Informs that an SMS has been sent to confirm the acceptance on Card Issuance. Insists that you click on the link to send confirmation. Once you click, they install a malware on your device.


Once the Malware is installed on your device, all the OTP SMS and Transactional SMSes are routed to the fraudster. Thus you are not informed about any transactions happening on your account.

Keep your family and friends aware. Let them not fall into the trap of these Fraudsters.