Water shortage in Chennai

by | Jun 14, 2019

As Chennai face drought for three years in a row and lack of rains resulted in an acute shortage of water in the city. The Chennai metro water is unable to meet up to the demand, residents are now forced to go for deeper borewells which cause more pressure on the already plummeting groundwater level.

IT companies in OMR of Chennai asked their employees to work from home for the next 3 month to address the shortage of water. Nearly 12 companies have asked 5,000 employees to work according to their convenience. IT companies require a huge amount of water for air conditioning though 55% of the companies recycle the water, they are unable to cope up with the demand.

As per sources, the situation would continue for 3 months and it would be tough not just for the IT firms but for the residents as living without water is a nightmare. Having said it is high time for every one of us to rethink about water usage and conservation of water as this might be the situation for any city in the near future.