Plants on Moon? China has made it possible.

by | Jan 17, 2019

China launched its Chang’e-4 mission on January 2nd, with the aim of experimenting the growth of plants on Moon. China managed to form a hospitable environment and carry out the planting. The probe carried the seeds of cotton, potato, as well as eggs of the fruit fly and some yeast, to form a simple mini biosphere. None of the seeds except cotton sprouted. The planting grew healthy at a steady pace for a few days before wilting, thus making the experiment a huge success.

China records history as this is the first time ever plants have grown on the lunar surface. External farming is a long way to go, as the cotton sprout was not in contact with the lunar surface. But this mission proves that astronauts will have a realistic chance of growing plants on long-term missions. This will lower the cargo load constituting food and other consumable resources.