Is the Government’s initiative of “No Plastics usage” good enough?

by | Jan 7, 2019

If growing up in the present polluted world is pathetic then image the lives of our future generation with plastic surrounded everywhere. As per the report from Central Pollution Control Board 56 lakh tonnes account for plastic waste in India. It is an unbelievable fact that India is the world’s biggest plastic polluters as nearly 40% of its plastic ends up either in landfills or water bodies.

The government often comes up with initiatives to ban the usage of plastics but as citizens how serious are we?
Being in Chennai I have noticed a change since a week where the retail stores stopped dispensing plastics bags for purchases. Tamil Nadu government announced on June last year that they would ban the use of plastic items, including non-biodegradable carry bags, from January 2019. But how long will the initiative hold on is a question? The seriousness has to come from every one of us. Simple measures can make a big difference.

1. Never forget to ‘Bring Your Own Bag’ even if you are not going shopping.
2. During parties, marriages or get-togethers, replace plastic cutlery with environment-friendly items, like banana leaves, paper cups or steel glasses, bowls and spoons.
3. Stop usage of food items packed in plastic bags.
4. Say no to plastic bottles, carry your bottle it hardly weighs a little.

The list is never-ending, the plastic has merged in every aspect of our life. It is high time to amend our lifestyle. Every step matters.

Do share your thoughts on how to avoid the plastic usage by commenting in the section below. Spread the awareness