How the midlife deafness affects a person’s life?

by | Jan 20, 2019

For many people who are diagnosed with hearing loss, it is hard to digest that they can no longer hear like normal people. They might need a hearing aid to do so.

For people who are not in this journey, hardly understand what it means. People who lose hearing in the middle of their life, face more challenges when adjusting to the new reality, than people who actually are born and brought up deaf. Do you know why? Here are a few challenges:

  • Getting accustomed to the new reality
  • Change in relationships
  • People’s outlook

I call them the silent sufferers. Here are a few things why i say so:

  • It takes time for one’s self to understand and get used to the new world, new life and new aids.
  • It takes even longer time for the family to understand and get used to the person.
  • Relationship may not go forward in some cases.
  • Employment. Workplaces may not be able to accommodate people using aids.
  • Watching movies in a theater or on TV would never be the same.

In any case, the person who is suffering is left helpless. He/she has to get acquainted with the people around and their sarcastic comments saying the person cannot hear. All this happens with no fault of the person. The sufferer is in huge pressure to accept all these situations along with getting accustomed to the new reality. It is a Marathon of Life!

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