Dr. Google for medical advice? You may be suffering from Cyberchondria.

by | Jan 7, 2019

With easy access to the internet using mobile phones and other portable devices, searching for medical information has become common today. Call it a boon or curse it is resulting in more people suffer from IDIOT (Internet Derived Information Obstruction Treatment) which is otherwise called as Cyberchondria.

Psychologist Dr. K.S. David says people trust the internet to such an extent that they don’t realize that each case is different and medicines are prescribed accordingly. In certain situations, doctors are forced to prescribe tests like X-ray and scanning that may not be required in some cases.

Dr.google helps in gathering information but blindly trusting it invites unnecessary trouble. Since all medical information is available online, modern medicine is worst affected. A cyberchondriac’s eyes will unnecessarily become anxious about the side effects rather than validating with the doctor’s advice. Dr. John concurs exhorts that, all cyber information won’t be correct. One has to reconfirm with an expert and shouldn’t consider the internet to be the final word.

The amount of information on the internet will only increase with time. The authenticity of the information is hard to validate. So think wise before we trust Dr.Google.