Difficulty in hearing? Skype has something for you!

by | Jan 9, 2019

As reported by Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Skype’s chief accessibility officer, through a simple setting in Skype, one can view subtitles for 1-1 calls as well as a group calls with colleagues or friends.

Jenny Lay-Flurrie, who is hearing impaired informs that this new feature will provide a more engaging experience to the people who have hearing disabilities or who speak different languages.

• Live captions have been optimized to be fast, continuous, and contextually updated as people speak.
• Currently subtitles auto-scroll in during the call. But Microsoft plans to roll out additional viewing options that let the user scroll through the conversation in the side window, so no conversation is missed out.
• In the coming weeks, Skype will be rolling out translation support for over 20 languages and dialects.