The aggression is to win the match at all costs: Kohli

by | Nov 21, 2018

Indian skipper Virat Kohli, known for his aggressive approach on the pitch, said Tuesday that aggression for him was a passion for victory in his country.

Kohli told many people that aggression meant something else but that for him it was a passion to win at all costs.

“Aggression is for me the passion to win and win on every ball for the team, I think people have a different meaning of the word aggression, but for me it’s winning the game at all costs and giving 120 % for the team on each delivery, “Kohli told reporters Tuesday, before the first T20I, starting Wednesday.

“It could be on the ground or if I’m sitting outside and I’m applauding someone, beating or running, it can be anything, it’s an aggression.

“Aggression depends on the situation on the ground, and if the opposition is aggressive towards you, you will thwart it,” he added.

Kohli also commented on the situation in which Cricket Australia rejected the call to reduce the bans of Steve Smith and David Warner.

“Honestly, I do not know exactly what happened before these decisions were made, obviously everyone saw what happened, but unless I know the details, this is not the case,” stated Kohli.

“The decision is made by someone and it goes sideways.I honestly, it’s not my place to give an opinion,” he added.

When asked to comment on the atmosphere expected by the Indian skipper, Kohli said: “We can never underestimate any team, we did not face Australia after all that happened, so can not really tell you what the atmosphere on the ground is like. ”

Explaining the importance of pacers Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah on this tour, Kohli congratulated the duo, noting that both are doing a good job and expecting to do the same here.

“All the captains would like to have them both in their attack and I was lucky enough to be able to both play them so well for the team, giving those breakthroughs and in the difficult situations of death by performing what we want them to be, “said Kohli.

“They think about the bowlers, understand the situation and have a clear idea of what the drummers are trying to do before playing bowling, and the ability to predict what will happen on each ball is what keeps them ahead of the game. drummers most of the time, “he added.