“You Spit, You Clean”: GHMC to Implement Anti Spit Rule in Hyderabad:

by | Jan 13, 2019

Taking a cue from Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is planning to implement the new regulation to keep people at check from spitting on roads and public places.


Pune Municipal Corporation has started implementing anti-spitting rule in November last year. It was after a successful implementation of anti-spitting drive, that PMC has adopted this in the Corporation limits. According to this rule, the spitter/offender is made to clean the place where he spit and is fined upto Rs. 150.


GHMC Additional commissioner Mr. Musharaff Faroqui tweeted “GHMC Considering implementation of anti-spitting drive” in response to a tweet posted by a twitter user suggesting the same. The tweet received a positive response from many twitteratis, retweeting with pictures of walls with ghutka, pan stains. Hopefully, people become more responsible towards cleanliness in the city.