TDP Developed Hyderabad: States CBN Yet Once again

by | Nov 29, 2018

TDP National Chief Chandrababu Naidu after many days took time to counter his competitor KCR ahead of snap polls in Telangana. In his latest meeting in AP, CBN made some hot comments on KCR and the area of Hyderabad which is unpleasant the TRS camp.CBN expressed that he is the one who permitted the most well-known ring road to the Hyderabad which later turned most helpful for the city.

He added that utilizing all his contacts, CBN got the appointment of Microsoft owner Bill Gates and requested the second to set up a branch at Hyderabad. He then backed himself by declaring that he made Hyderabad as an IT hub even though he obtained a severe backlash from his own people for developing a region in Telangana rather than Andhra. From Hitech city to large roads, CBN declared that none other than the TDP Govt is the main reason for the growth of Hyderabad.

This CM of Andhra announced that he doesn’t even care the Indian Prime Minister Modi so KCR is not even a problem for him. Hoping to see Mahakutami’s succeed in as many as 90 seats in snap polls, he asked the Telangana voters to dethrone KCR and his bad ruling who unsuccessful to meet all the election promises