Cabinet approves 10% reservation for economically weaker sections among Upper Castes. The move is being praised by allies and being criticized by the opposition. Being a common man, I would like to take a couple of minutes to analyze this move.

Reservations for weaker sections of the society, was brought after independence. A very good initiative taken by the then government.  The objective was to socially identify weaker sections and give them an opportunity to empower themselves.

No government tried to revise it till now. They felt, it was a sensitive area to touch. It would impact their vote bank. Last few decades, has seen more number of castes being added to the list of reserved category, than being pulled out.

Appreciate all the weaker sections, who have utilized the opportunities that came through reservations. Successfully empowered their families economically. There had been a silent unrest among the open category sections, who were losing opportunities due to reservations.

Now it is time to accept the 10% reservation given by the government, and let economically weaker from Upper Castes leverage the opportunity.

A day certainly will come when people would openly accept “no reservation, open competition” policy. Waiting to see which government can bring in that change…..