Pakistan’s double play, India not to Budge:

by | Mar 1, 2019

Pakistan has been under intense pressure to de-escalate border tensions with India. With US, UK, France and Russia asking both sides to calm down, Pakistan wasn’t left with any choice but to safely return the captured pilot Abhinandan Vardhaman.

While on one-side Pakistan keeps the border shelling on, its Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan talks about Peace talks and gesture. The World expects Pakistan to be truthful to its words. But Pakistan is showing its true colours with the way it has been continuously violating the ceasefire orders.

On the Indian side, it has always been retaliating to the aggression from Pakistan side. This is not the first time India has seen the attacks made by the neighbouring country. 26/11, Pathankot, Uri, Pulwama, have been some of the major attacks with clear evidences that terror is emanating from Pakistan.

Is Pakistan still in 1990’s when there were not many live coverage events? Is it still thinking that all the World leaders with sympathize with them? It’s time Pakistan mends its ways and paves way to the real peace talks.