Mistakes after terror attacks like Pulwama, Uri, Pathankot etc.,

by | Feb 16, 2019

India has faced several terror attacks from its neighbour in the last 70 years. Especially in the last 10 years after any terror attack, we see the same reaction from our public:

  1. Voice for a War with Pakistan
  2. Assume all Kashmiris support terror and punish them
  3. Ban playing cricket, ban their artists
  4. Call for Surgical Strike
  5. Blame a particular community people who are living with you in any part of India
  6. Politician play politics etc.,

In all the above mistakes that we do, media plays a vital role in showing the globe how India reacts.

Are these the only things, we as Indians can do? Are there any other ways, we can give a befitting reply?

Here are a few ways we can be part of our reply to Pakistan:

Diplomatic Surgical Strike:

  1. Make Pakistan weak economically and financially
  2. Educate the World that Pakistan is encouraging and funding terror on its soil
  3. World should realize that Pakistan Government is incapable of handling its terror heavens.
  4. Let the nations funding Pakistan, stop their funding. Make them realize that funds are being utilized to fund terror and not for the economic growth of their citizens.

Let us remember, when we call for a war, we are indicating our enemies that we are scared. Let us support our government in dealing with this situation diplomatically. Let us support our government, when they are taking necessary steps to influence the Global Image of Pakistan.

It could take time, but it will effectively root out the terror heavens in Pakistan.


Jai Hind!