KTR’s special promise to Kodangal voters to eliminate Revanth

by | Nov 22, 2018

Fire Chief Revanth was able to annoy Kalvakuntla’s family by holding incessant press meetings. The result may be evident in the KCR and KTR speeches as they allow more time to criticize Revanth than to campaign. KTR traveled to the Kodangal constituency where Congress President Revanth will participate as a member of Parliament.

To avoid being part of the T-Assembly, KTR does its best to limit the number of days before the house. In his recent speech in Kodangal, this minister from Telangana said the constituency would be devastated by TRS candidate Patnam Narender Reddy.

He asked voters to nominate Narendra Reddy as Kodangal MP. Without stopping there, KTR offered to provide the farmers in Kodangal with complete running water via Chevella’s Lift Irrigation so they could harvest as much as possible.

This son of the acting CM of Telangana reiterated that Revanth had left the constituency of Kodangal and his problems only to be confined around Hyderabad with press meetings from time to time. We have to wait and see if these voters in Kodangal fall into the TRS trap or send Revanth to the Assembly.