Jagan’s Special Interest To The Sakshi Media

by | Dec 21, 2018

If there is any paper that gave a tough level of competition to the superhit daily Eenadu, then it is Sakshi which damaged the circulation of other newspapers in the two Telugu States. Such Sakshi is going to observe some essential changes in the upcoming days. Sources close to the YSRCP camp reveals that Bharathi, the spouse of AP Opposition leader have recognized many issues inside the Sakshi newspaper company. From editing to the final news, She brought to the notice of her husband about these factors which have to be reformed in order to make the paper more brilliant.

So Jagan himself has held a special conference with all the Chiefs of the department to discuss the much-needed modifications. This meeting resulted in the sacking of many staff who are unworthy including some department leads. The main change is the Chief Executive Director post as the present CED K Ramachandra Murthy’s contract is coming to an end. It will be offered to the new CED Vinay Maheshwari from the new year.