Do you know who designed TDP Ads?

by | Apr 3, 2019

To gain public attention political parties rely on Advertisements. By now we have witnessed several ads on Television channels from TDP, YSRCP, and other parties. TDP ads have emotional, sentimental and dramatic touch. Do you know who made those Ads? it is none other than Boyapati Seenu.

Boyapati Seenu who is well known for his action films was offered the assignment to direct TDP Advertisement for 2019 Elections. He was successful in taking the ads to the next level. They are no less than a high-budget movie. During the previous elections, the responsibility of Ads was taken up by Ashwini Dutt.

We have to wait until May 23 to see the impression created on the voters by the advertisements, various other political campaigns, and promises by politicians.