Comedian Ali To Reveal His Political Journey In A Few Days

by | Jan 8, 2019

Ali needs no introduction both on a big screen and as well as a small screen. He is very popular as a comedian and also won the hearts of the viewers with his support to the poor. As we all know, Ali is an extremely dearest friend of Pawan Kalyan and their close connecting is known to everyone. All the fans and many people in the movie industry has expected Ali to join his close aid Pawan’s Janasena. But the newest happenings showcases a various story. Ali’s meet with Jagan in the padayatra has made a sensation in the filmy and political sectors. This has come as a much big impact on the followers of Pawan Kalyan.

If the speculations are anything to go by, Ali is demanding an MLA ticket from Rajahmundry to which Janasena party has put on a proposal of contesting him from Guntur or Vijayawada 1town as the Muslim vote bank would fetch favorable result. So have to wait for another couple of days to know whether Ali sails with Janasena or YSRC party.