After Pulwama – War or Diplomacy?

by | Feb 19, 2019

With public outrage fuelling from all corners of India, Government is under pressure to retaliate on Pulwama attack. Some sections of the public are calling for a Kargil War kind of retaliation, while some call for a second Surgical Strike.

Starting a conventional war is easy and wouldn’t take much time. However, before anyone calls for a war, it is to be  understood that by going to War, it will be affecting our own people. And this is the aim of terrorism that the neighbouring country is looking for. A war will bring the nation down economically, politically and financially.

The government shall have to take enough steps to affect Pakistan with a diplomatic relations. As a public, we need to trust and support our government in taking the right action. Diplomatic retaliation has already begun with Indian diplomat snubbing his Pakistani counterpart at ICJ proceedings. More to come at the International stage…