A New rule from Road transport ministry

by | Dec 6, 2018

A new rule was mandated by the Road transport ministry and will be effective from April 2019 onwards. Automobile manufacturers have to provide the high-security registration plate along with the vehicle and dealers will affix them before sale. Also, the third registration mark with the color coding for fuel used in the vehicle will be manufactured by the vehicle manufacturers and will be fixed by the authorized dealers on the windshield. The cost of the HSRP will be included in the vehicle cost itself, the distinctive number on the registration plate will be linked to the Government’s Vaahan database.
For old vehicles, the government notified that the dealers can also affix the plates supplied by the vehicle manufacturers after placing the registration mark. The HSRPs will come with five years’ guarantee, to prevent tampering third registration mark comes with a chromium-based hologram sticker, which once removed will be destroyed. In order to make the vehicle theft free the details of registering authority, registration number, laser-branded permanent number, engine number, and chassis number will be listed on the sticker.