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Nischala’s Portfolio

About Nischala Harith

Nischala is a content creator with extensive exposure to the education industry. Creating academic content is her forte. With her wealth of experience as an educator, she enjoys writing on children’s general well-being, development, and psychology. Being a person of varied interests, she loves penning on diverse topics such as alternative health and wellness, lifestyle, spirituality, food, and entertainment.

On the personal front, Nischala dons several hats as a proud mother of two teenagers and as the pillar of a loving family. Her pastimes include painting, trying out new recipes, and getting drowned in music. Strong work ethics and a ‘Go, get it’ attitude are her strengths.

Nischala’s Writing Portfolio
Music – The Influencer
The Invisible Shackles

Creative Writing Interests in


Child Development & Psychology


Alternative health & well being

Spirituality & Mythology

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