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Am Aparna, donning the role of a mother to a hyperactive toddler who is all over the house, I aspire to see myself as a decent content developer. Bachelorette of technology says my qualification but I anticipated to be a singer. Thanks to the recession, I dwelled into various jobs, from coding to being a tech support executive, to a help desk professional, only to conclude that there is something else I wish to do.

Here I am to accomplish my profound passion for content writing. Music, nature, jewelry and beauty, mythology, life quotes, celebs, and their life, being areas of interest.
Accommodating any situation and fine-tuning it in my way is a trait that helps me take life as it comes. Thanks to the lengthy life lessons enlightened by grandfather at a budding age.

Spirituality gives me stability. Music is the oxygen, and singing is a stress buster, calm and peaceful nature, sunrises and sunsets are natural healing. I love to watch cookery shows, contrastingly like to escape from the kitchen. Celebs and their life struggles interest me, which also accounts for an aggregate of motivation from their stories.
Aparna’s Writing Portfolio

Coffee and chocolates are happiness.
Being a firm believer in the existence of the Almighty, I tend to look up to mythology with immense regard.
Could there be any connect in the ways to work, please reach me at sushumna6@gmail.com

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