What is the average time spent watching TV?

by | Jan 20, 2019

Television otherwise known as Chatterbox is a must and should electronic device at every home today. On an average, an Indian spends close to 3 hours and 30 minutes watching TV in a day.
Has it become an addiction more than entertainment?

If you are someone born in the late twentieth century, during the get-together with old friends we must have thought how classic our young days were watching Doordarshan. Days when we longed to watch the movie on Sunday, Chitralahari, DD news. Once in a week serials, beautifully scripted advertisements, cartoons soon.

Today we have exclusive sports, news, cartoon, music, movie channels. Thousands of options to watch and still we hold remote constantly switching channels, trying to find that one satisfying program.

Times have changed a lot but personally, I feel Old is gold. Life is all about being happy, get entertained but don’t let the technology conquer our personal space.