Subramaniapuram Release date

by | Nov 26, 2018

After the success of Malli Raava, Sumanth made two consecutive thrillers, namely Subramanyapuram and Idham Jagath. In these two films, Subramanyapuram is the mystery thriller and the other is a crime thriller. The film “Subramanyapuram” is being directed by Santhosh Jagarlapudi, an upcoming director.

The trailer for this recently-released movie is impressive but recalls the film Karthikeya which was a hit thriller starring Nikhil and Swathi. The story, the direction, the script, the theme, the music make us call it a Karthikeya-2. But, the makers said that there was no comparison between these two films, except the name of the hero and the god. Eesha Rebba takes up a lead role alongside Sumanth.

The film Subramanyapuram has completed its censorship with the U / A certificate and is expected to be released on December 7, 2018. The duration of the film is 132.39 minutes. The duration of this movie is short compared to other Telugu films, but it is well enough for horror thrillers to tell the story with a captivating storyline without any deviation.  The film has a scope for the visual effects and the visuals shown in the trailer are really impressive. Sumanth also seems confident in his role as Karthik and we hope that this film will give Sumanth a decent success in returning to his successful solo hero career.