Is the present generation turning insensitive?

by | Jan 27, 2019

Two days ago, while driving to my office, i came across a small incident in Madhapur, Hyderabad. I don’t know why, but that incident kept me thinking, is our present generation becoming insensitive to see things around and help people?

An autorickshaw broke-down in the middle of a fly-over. There was an elderly man, perhaps in his 40’s-50’s who was helping the driver push the auto. As i passed by, i saw three young girls perhaps in their 20’s sitting inside the autorickshaw, completely engrossed with their mobile phones. Also, there was a young lad in his 20’s who was sitting beside the driver. Neither did he get down from the autorickshaw, to help the driver.

It was indeed a pathetic sight. Are we not teaching our kids to help people around? Are we pampering them too much and making them insensitive to the problems around?

This could be a daily sight for many of us. We may not be able to act, in the middle of the road. But these kind of situations are going to be a bigger danger to the society itself. Parents, let’s be vigilant, let’s act responsibly. Let us teach our kids the values and make them responsible citizens.