Frustrated ‘Kaushal Army’- Exposes the truth

by | Feb 26, 2019

‘Kaushal Army’ the group that supported Kaushal during Big boss 2 has now decided to turn against him to expose his real face. They came up to a news channel to reveal all the facts about Kaushal.  He has occupied the Facebook groups removing the admins and using it for self-interest.

According to the fed-up admirers of Kaushal, callers who spoke in the TV channel revealed that Kaushal threatened them for donating money and never spends a paisa from his pocket. They also admitted creating 500 fake email ids to vote for Kaushal in Bigg Boss 2.

The frustrated fans also shared an audio clip when he indirectly provoked his army to troll on people who came up with negative comments against him.