Dec 7 Releases To Face An Unexpected Problems

by | Dec 6, 2018

This 7th is going to be a litmus test for four movies at the box office. The movies Kavacham, Next Enti, Subramaniapuram, and Subhalekhalu are proceeding to hit the screens amidst good expectations. Subramaniapuram and Next Enti have gained a decent hype before the release with its interesting trailers. Though Kavacham has a good star cast, the form of Bellamkonda Srinivas has put the movie out of the radar. Subhalekhalu is coming as an underdog movie. Everybody is busy advertising their movies but none has noticed that there is a surprising hurdle for all the four films in the name of Telangana elections. The primary reason for the launch of all these movies is a holiday.

But if we notice the latest political situation in Telangana, the scathing results of the ruling party on competitors by arresting Revanth Reddy at in the early morning and also the grand alliance Maha kutami is working really hard in all the possible methods to make big in the elections. If the people turn out in huge numbers on that day, it will absolutely show a good impact on the first day collections of the movie. And also on the 11th of the month, the elections result will be announced and the whole state will be adhering onto the television sets for the whole day. These two days will absolutely impact the collections of the movie.