True inspirational Dairy farmer- Allola Divya Reddy

by | Jan 10, 2019

Klim the reverse of m-l-i-k and Om being our traditional symbol together forms Klimom. Here is a journey of inspirational women who set a gaushala for her kids with 15 cows initially. It emerged as Klimom dairy farm in 2015, which operates in a Goshala model with the nearly 200 Unchained, and free Bulls, cows, and calves living under the same roof.

Meet Divya Reddy, the founder of Klimom. She is born and brought up in Hyderabad. Father is a politician, mother a homemaker. Upset with adulteration done on milk, she decided to rare cows for her kids. Thus she explored the dairies of Gujarat where the Desi Gir cows are reared with traditional practices and with great affection. She transported cattle from Gujarat and took extra care to make them adjusted to Hyderabad climate. The farm was set up with 5-star facilities with open grazing spaces and organic fodder as fed to the cows.

She was awarded a prestigious Gopal Ratna 2018, for her extraordinary work in the field of rearing indigenous Gir cows. Her mission is to bring back the glory of the sacred Indian cows. She is elated that the Indian desi cow milk is reaching young mothers kids and several patients.

Passion brings the best in us. Divya Reddy is a true inspiration for several farmers.