Top 5 Tips that make you stick to your Fitness Regime!

by | Dec 26, 2018

Work out plans don’t seem to work for many of us. We start a fitness plan, and a few days later find ourselves back to square one, looking for a new one, as the last one wasn’t working.

As we just go back to analyze what went wrong, we find a good number of reasons. Oh, it was very cold to wake up early morning for a workout! Oh, it was difficult to follow the diet plan eating raw foods, Oh! it wasn’t showing up any results etc., We stop working because we said so!

Here are a quick 5 tips that can help you stick to any fitness regime that you choose:

“Minimum 4 days” Workouts and be consistent:

  • Plan for a workout which works for you.
  • Take baby steps when starting. Schedule 3 workout days in a week and slowly scale up to include a day more.
  • Try not to skip your workouts.
  • Plan the breaks appropriately and keep yourself motivated.

A well-planned workout is half executed.

“Diet, No Diet” Eat food that you like!

When I first started with workouts, I was asked to put down a diet plan.

Writing my diet plan, itself was a lot of pressure, as I had to give up all that I liked. Especially the chicken, brown rice diet, Oh my God! and what not…I wasn’t able to obviously stick with the plan, as I hated it!

I started with the following steps:

  • Eat when you feel hungry. Don’t eat just because it’s about time for you to eat. Eat only how much you want to eat or your stomach says “enough!”
  • Keep all the gadgets, TVs away when eating and enjoy every bit of your mealtime.
  • Especially the taste of the meal, the fragrance of the seasoning etc.,

Believe me, you will start enjoying eating, without worrying about your diet plan.

The moment you start listening to your body and mind, you will start to lose weight automatically.

“No Results!” Stop Worrying.

Simple and achievable goals are important to keep track of, when on diet plan. This is what most of us tend to do and follow. And our simple goal will be to lose 5 kgs in 2 weeks. This looks achievable, but it is difficult without discipline.

When you give yourself a target, it affects in two ways. Firstly, it demotivates us, as we keep working on and keep checking our weight. Secondly, we don’t tend to work out anymore.

I sincerely follow the Karma Theory in my weight loss plan.

I keep working out, keep doing regular things as are required and listen to my body always. Things fall n place, so your weight. You need to be consistent in your efforts. That’s the trick.

Adopt Long Term approach:

Let us take a long-term approach towards the weight loss theory. Like any other change, weight loss also cannot happen on the fly. The focus should always be on the results and not on the time to achieve those results.

While many people fail to see the results in a few days, the change comes in a few days later. The more you focus on long-term results, the quicker do you see the short-term results.

“Why it didn’t work earlier?”

When you chose this path towards your journey, it is necessary to step back and also analyze why your weight loss journey didn’t work in the past. It is necessary to know and make sure not to repeat the same again.

Failures are stepping stones to success only when you start learning from your mistakes and correct them. Make necessary changes to stick to your plan and be consistent in your approach.

Change is always possible, It depends on how we accept it!

Wish you good luck on your bodyweight loss journey.