Top 5 Business Books to Read During Covid Lockdown

by | Apr 18, 2020

With COVID scare everywhere, many business owners see a huge impact on their businesses. While few business owners may be sitting and whining, some just are following the news and doing nothing. But there are very few business owners who are looking for an opportunity in adversity and some, who are looking back at their business models and trying to grease their wheels, so they can accelerate once markets open up.

However, for someone, who is looking at acquiring knowledge, this is the best time that one can utilize efficiently. Here are a few Business Books that are a must-read to motivate yourself and think positively about the New World that is coming ahead.

1. 10 X Rule by Grant Cardone:

This is one of the finest books that i have come across, that makes your adrenaline rushing through your veins. Very well laid out sales motivation, and how efficiently you can plan your sales teams. Clearly lists down the steps one should take to achieve their goals by consistently performing at 10 times their actual levels. For any sales person, who wants to move to the next level, should definitely read this book. Click here to download the audio copy or buy the book.

2.  Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki:

This was just a casual book that i picked up, when i was going through the Amazon books list. The title was intriguing, so I just added it to the cart. But the wealth of financial education it provides is immense. I recommend this book to every person not limited to only business owners. It is an amazing book. Being a buisness owner, we sometime feel intimidated during our low times. But this book clearly shows how employees and small business owners think vs how business owners and investors think. Click here to buy the book.

3.  The Secret by Rhonda Byrne:

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, was one book that was recommended by one of my good friends when i was at my low. I came across this book several times, but never bought it or read it earlier.  This was one book that gave a 360 degree change in my life. From being broke to becoming successful, i credit this one book which changed my thoughts, my actions and my results. This book teaches a new concept of life. If you ever had questions like i had -“Why some people are poor and some people are rich?” “Why few things happen to only few people?” “Why some people, after winning a lottery, go back to become poor again?”, this book will give you all the answers you need. It is a very small book but an amazing read. Click here to buy the book NOW! and unleash your potential!

4. The Secrets of Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker:

The Secrets of Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker, is an amazing read. Do you want to know how millionaires think? Why Millionaires do things differently? What are the secrets of millionaires? This book will teach you all. It makes you think of your sub-conscious conditioning, why you think the way you think. What should you do to become a millionaire? How to think like a millionaire? A very small book with less than 200 pages but gives a wealth of information on how small changes in your life can bring big difference. A must read for all those young minds, who want to know the secrets of becoming rich and wealthy. Millionaire Mind Intensive is one programme by T Harv Eker, is an amazing programme that i would recommend to every entrepreneur to attend. Click here to buy the book and know the secrets NOW!

5. Be Obsessive or Be Average by Grant Cardone:

Impressed by 10 X Rule, i just picked up this book. This is a mind blowing book, which is very close to the current trends in Marketing and Sales. This book tells you the importance of using social media as a way to stay connected to your customers.  Very clearly lays down the difference between an obsessive person and an average person. How one’s passion can drive someone towards achieving their aims or goals in their life. This is a must read for all the Sales Executives, Sales Managers and Sales heads. If you are looking at your personal improvement in your professional sales career, i strongly recommend this book. Click here to buy the book NOW and be obsessive to achieve your goals.