“Idiot” trends as Capitol Hill calls to hear from Google’s CEO Sunder Pichhai

by | Dec 14, 2018

Calling Tech CEOs for hearing has become common since Cambridge Analytica came into light.

With the latest hearing of Google CEO called by the US Congress, to understand why Google displays images of Donald Trump when searched for “Idiot” shows how much the US Congress is aware of the technology trends.

While many termed the hearing as both pathetic and hilarious, it was difficult for Sunder Pichai to explain the 200 different ways in which the search engine operates without human intervention.

In the meanwhile, the US Congress now unintentionally seems to increase the search results for the word “Idiot” to display Donald Trump’s images.

Before the hearing, it was maybe little ranked, but with this hearing, “Idiot” word seems to be exclusively trending and has ranked Donald Trump with the keyword.

What a pity! Let’s see how much time it would take for Google to act on this:-)