BMW and Daimler may go from being rivals to partners

by | Dec 21, 2018

Demand to provide alternative solutions have led Automotive rivals to join hands and bring new cars into the market.

Daimler and BWM are joining hands to manufacture some key automotive components. This allows the luxury car competitors to travel on the same road together for a few years.

It has come to be known from unidentified sources that both the competitors are looking into Joint Vehicle platforms, autonomous-car technology, and Batteries that can help them go to the market together. While the association is expected to be limited to only the technology side, while their brands still remain indigenous.

Demand for electric cars, battery-based vehicles, and driverless cars is forcing the auto manufacturing companies to collaborate with rivals and build affordable cars. Daimler and BMW nexus seems to reflect one such association.

It makes take years for the automotive companies to reap the benefits of such collaborations, as it involves decades to plan, design and execute. Let us see, how this association is going to unfold.