Andhra Pradesh exit poll survey 2019

As anticipated each exit poll survey showed different results. Few predicted Chandra Babu Naidu as the CM and few others say it would be Jagan for a change.

According to former MP Lagadapati Rajagopal’s survey, TDP  would get 90-110 assembly seats and YSRCP 65-79 and 1-5 seats for others.

India Today Axis poll survey forecast 37-40 seats for TDP 130-135 for YSRCP and 1 seat for others.

Exit polls conducted by CPS-FRSD have predicted 133-135 seats for the YSRCP 37-40 seats for the ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP).

The People’s Pulse exit poll has predicted 112 seats for the YSRCP, 59 for the TDP, and 4 for the Jana Sena.

Everyone prefers to wait till May 23rd the results day rather than discussing and commenting over the surveys.

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